from Arlene:
Nearly everyone has seen the little strawberry every on a tomato pincushion, and most people know that it is very handy for sharpening needles, pins and safety pins.
What is not so well known is that there’s a trick to using it. Just stick a needle or pin straight into the emery and then pull back on the sides of the fabric with your fingers, compacting the crystals.  Then move the pin gently in a circular motion, and the crystals will grate against the point, sharpening it quickly and easily

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this tip is from Shirley:
When you make things like leaves for applique (things with curves or points) and you are not adept at needle turn applique, the suggestion is to put two layers of fabric right sides together, draw your design (leaf) onto the fabric, stitch around your drawn line then cut the leaf out with pinking shears.  The pinking shears make indentations into the seam allowance which saves clipping curves after.  Cut a small slit in the back of the fabric and turn.  I usually fold a large piece of fabic and draw multiple leaves on.  They are easier to sew in large form than as individual leaves.  Also you can use a lighter weight fabric on the back.  I’ve even used old dryer sheets.  If you need a demo – ask me.  Shirley

There are some fairly good FREE educational videos put out by Superior Threads – go to http://www.superiorthreads,com/videos <http://www.superiorthreads,com/videos>  and <>  or just Google Superior Threads Education.  Lots of good ideas to help our work improve.

May 2018 – Shirley shared the following:                                                                                 I recently came across two articles that have some interesting information.  They are both from Bernina’s “We All Sew” site

1. Applique Tips and Tricks  shows a variety of small projects which demo different applique techniques

2. Sewing Tips and Tricks – again with some interesting small projects.