Canada 150 Quilt

Made by various Guild Members in celebration of Canada’s 150th  Birthday 

This is the quilt that was donated for the hospital drivers’ recent “Drive for Cancer” fundraiser

Please note the first meeting of 2017/2018 will be September 6th at the Sandman Hotel.   Bring your own projects for daytime sewing from 9AM to 4:45PM and join others who enjoy sharing quilt tips and ideas, either sewing with machine or by hand.  Program, short meeting and show and share from 6:45PM to 9:00PM.

The Squamish Quilters Guild endeavours to provide an environment that will foster, nurture, develop and promote the Art of Quilting among its members and throughout the community. The Guild shall aim to create an atmosphere that promotes the concept of learning, laughing, caring and sharing.


The quilters of the Squamish Quilters Guild donated this quilt to the Squamish Hospital (located just to the left of the Admitting desk at the main entrance)

Quilt for Hospital



The quilt “donation” for the September 2015 Brackendale Fall Fair was won by Emily S. of Squamish, BC

fall fair winner

Thank you to Wendy W. and Karen C. for the time and effort for organizing the Squamish Quilt Guild’s booth with the quilt displays, and another huge ‘Thank You’ to all the Squamish Quilt Guild members who gave of their time to ‘man’ the booth and to the Guild members (and their husbands & friends) who helped to set up and take down the booth.

The Guild shares its efforts with the communities within the Squamish Valley by way of contributing bed quilts and wall-hanging quilts to a variety of local services, including Sea to Sky Community Services, Victim Services, Women’s Centre, Howe Sound Women’s Centre, Brightbill House, and Hilltop Seniors Residence.

The Squamish Quilters Guild is a member of the Canadian Quilters Association (CQA).



  1. Nancy Moore

    Welcome to another great year started September 2017,
    Thank you to Dorothy for stepping up to be our new president, and to Colleen for taking over with secretary and keeping up our blog,
    Sorry to see Cory and Anne S leave us for new adventures in their lives but I wish them well and know they will have continued success with their quilting projects,
    Happy quilting to all

  2. Anonymous

    welcome to 2016 and into another good year of quilting, community quilts are accumulating and we will be organizing to give more away in 2016 to community emergency services and the women’s center to give out as needed, Arlene and I delivered 30 preemie quilts to lions gate hospital on Jan 26 and Karen F took some to our Squamish hospital, kits have been put together with cordinating fabrics and will be available to take home and put together for community quilts, the New year;s baby also received a quilt which was well received,
    Happy quilting to all and see you at meeting,
    Nancy Moore

  3. Anonymous

    thanks to Phyllis for doing such a great job with the origami tree, look forward to seeing some finished ones next meeting,


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